Welcome to the Dover Race Series. The Series consists of 11 races. Registered participants completing 7 out of 11 races with at least one race being longer than a 5k will receive a series ΒΌ zip pullover.

Participants age 14 and under as of January 1 will only have to complete 7 out of 11 with no long race requirement. Female and Male winners in three age catagories; Kids (14 & Under), Series (15-59) and a Senior Division (60 & Older).

Each race has a point value for each gender. First place finisher will receive 100 points with each finisher after receiving points based on percentage of winning time (If the winner ran the race in 15 min and you run it in 30 min you would receive 50 points Formula = [Your Time / Winning Time] X100. If a runner runs more than the 7 races their top 7 scores will be used for the final tally.

If you need to correct your Name, City/State, Size or have a correction for an individual race please submit a support ticket.